Brother’s Birthday Dinner, Top of Waikiki

Had an early dinner for brother’s birthday.

The first time I made a reservation with them was on the phone. It went to a voice recording that asked for your party’s information. The second time we made a reservation was online and that gave a confirmation than the phone call since no one bothered to call me about my reservation the day of. So, make your reservations online!

Parking is within the building but there’s a limited amount due to renovations. Then again they’d probably expect more tourists (without private transportation) to dine with them, instead of locals.

After taking the elevator to the 18th floor, we had to take three flights of escalators before making our way to the restaurant itself. Fancy huh?

Once we checked in, we waited a few minutes before being escorted to our table. “Watch your step!” they’ll say as you make it to the part of the restaurant where the rotation begins. It’s not if you concentrate on one area long enough that you notice the place moving.

Our waiter for the evening: Cris. Did an excellent job explaining the items on the menu and played along with the jokes I made.

For drinks, my dad ordered himself a beer and I chose the Lilikoi Orange Bang (non-alcoholic):

A photo posted by Lei 🐯 (@alohasavani) on Mar 14, 2015 at 8:10pm PDT

In it’s tall glass, it looks like there’s a lot, but no. We came in during happy hour (who knew a place like this would even have one) and ordered calamari and garlic fries. The calamari came out HOT and the fries ever so garlicky, I’ll use a fork.

Brother’s Entree – Steamed Live Maine Lobster:
This must be the good kine lobster. Took my parents a long time to open that shell. This crustacean makes you work for that meat!

My Entree – Filet Mignon:
For a growing girl, that ain’t enough, but with the appetizers I had earlier, I couldn’t finish this. It came with sliced up asparagus, bacon bites, and mashed potatoes. This was recommended by my boyfriend. I think I’d much rather have the steaks my parents had, and that probably would be cheaper too. Towards the end of our meal a Japanese photographer came by and took our photo:
They sell the ones with a frame, 1 for 20 and 2 for $30. The overall view of the restaurant was decent, there’s better places for a beach/sunset view, unless you prefer buildings.

Top: complementary birthday Snicker doodle and whipped cream, the cookies were hard to bite on. Bottom left: Toasted Hazelnut Galato Pie, warning-contains alcohol! Very sweet and after a few bites I was already done with it. Bottom right: chocolate brownie, I think the best dessert we ordered. Bacon and gelato, need I say more?

Total bill estimated $300.00, no kamaaina or military discount, trust me we tried.
They will validate, if not that would’ve been around $16.00.

Lastly, drunk dad asked Cris how long it took for a full rotation. One hour.

Yelp Review Link | TripAdvisor Review Link



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