Sunset Dinner Cruise, Makani Catamaran

Sunset Dinner Cruise (5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.)

2014 04 07 CR

Yesterday (April 8, 2015) I got the chance to be on board the Makani Catamaran. First of all, I get sea sick really easily so I bought motion sickness pills from Longs. Took TWO and still felt a bit dizzy, but that’s better than being totally seasick. I just have to take one more to probably avoid it. We’ll see the next time I’m out at sea.

The Makani Catamaran is Ewa side of the pier, the parking look is at the Diamond Head of the pier. It’s a dollar an hour, cash only! They accept quarters too. This is only if you plan on driving to the location yourself. For those visiting in Waikiki, they do offer a shuttle service when you book, but that will be an additional cost per person in your party.

It is recommended to arrive 30 minutes prior to sail, so get there on time! We checked in at their Makani Catamaran booth, given boarding passes and were told to wait in line before we were let on the catamaran. They are quite punctual and close up the catamaran at exactly 5:00 p.m. I watched O_O

Before sail, they introduced themselves: Captain Johnny, Trevor (Bartender) and Amy (First Mate). Amy went over safety, located bathrooms (in the cabin area, down the ladder to the left, if you’re facing the front of the catamaran), do’s and don’t’s, etc. Trevor went over the bar. Drinks are on the rocks, there are no blenders and they had a blue souvenir cup for sale. Unfortunately, by the time I decided I wanted to purchase one, they were sold out. :(

A friend recommended their High Tide to order. Trevor had a different drink he made, which I thought tasted better than the High Tide. Ask him! It had white rum, with pineapple juice, orange juice and a splash of triple sec. We were given two (2) complimentary drink tickets each. After that, non-alcoholic beverages were $2 and alcoholic drinks varied from $6-7. Miller Light on special for $4. So you know what to use those tickets on ;) PS bring cash and your ID, he does check!

At the beginning, as we left dock, we sat within the cabin area, but others were all over the catamaran, picking the spots they wanted. As we were leaving the harbor, we got up and walked around to see what was there. We stayed at the front of the catamaran most of the time. There are two sunbathing nets upfront, which a lot of the passengers, mostly the children, took to seating right away. Holds up to three (3) adults, I think. I stood by the railings, trying to take photos and making sure my phone wouldn’t go overboard! It’s much better to be out in the fresh air than sitting in the cabin.

Dinner was an island-style buffet. We went back into the cabin to eat since it was getting windy.
+Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Breast
+Island-style beef & vegetable stir fry with sweet onion, zesty carrots, & crisp celery
+Steamed white rice
+Vegetable spring rolls with sweet & sour dipping sauce
+Curry tofu & vegetable wraps
+Rotini pasta salad with zesty carrots, spiced red onion, & grated parmesan cheese
+Macadamia nut & chocolate chip cookies
If anyone has allergies or needs a specific menu, make sure you mention when you book, if not, OH WELL. Get drunk. I didn’t eat much but what I had was good (chicken, beef, stir fry, and salad).

It being a sunset cruise, I didn’t think I would need sunscreen, but I think you need! Since the sun was still up as we headed out towards Diamond Head. It’s also windy so a light jacket is needed, if you get cold easily.

Attire: casual, just depends on you and your party. There is a chance of getting wet, so be careful, especially if you have a drink in one hand and a phone in the other, haha. As for bags, try not to bring your over-sized ones or ones that don’t zip up, just in case it falls over and things start falling overboard.

It felt crowded with forty-seven people on board, the catamaran holds up to sixty-five. I’d probably want to go on when there’s less people signed up.

Some of the views on board, I tried to make my photos straight:
Ocean Views:

Unfortunately we saw no wildlife :(

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