Chief’s Luau – Food and Entertainment, nuff said.

Chief’s Luau is located within Sea Life Park, behind the Kolohe Kai Sea Lion Show in the Makapuu Meadow. I thought it would be in a different location, like by the chapel on the other side. Nope!

On days that the luaus’ going to be open they have the area set up.

We didn’t get a package (Royal, Paradise, Standard) but we were given a mini-tour of Sea Life Park’s shark, dolphin and sea turtle exhibits; kukui nut leis-one per person and one (1) drink ticket each. So we got to experience a little bit of each.

They rope off the luau area and we were led to take a photo op in front of Manana/Rabbit Island with some of the cast.

As guests arrived, there was an announcer that let everyone know what was available to do before the show began.

What stations they had:
+Spear throwing
+A stick game (lol, didn’t try it, just observed)
+Fire making
+Craft area (selling, not making items)

We started with the tattoos because we thought the long would be long if we did other activities first. They have a small selection and I guess can spray on where you’d like them to. It was sprayed on with a stencil: Ha ha, I thought it was going to be drawn on, but that’s okay, the closest I’ll have to a real tattoo. It also rubs off easily. We tried touching Jeremy’s and the ink bleed onto our fingers.

After that we headed to the bar to use our tickets. The tickets only covered certain drinks, if you want something else, it’d be $10 (not sure). We just stuck with the Mai Tai, which was being pre-made on the side.

Once we got our drinks, we headed to the palm tree leaf headband making station. We were told to pick three leaves and the cast member helped us start off, along with explaining to us how to weave and finish it. Even though he explained and did it right in front of me, it took me forever to get it. Boyfriend even tried to tell me what to do exactly. It took me a while, but I got it. He’s wearing the one I made, I’m wearing the one he made: His looks better. Ugh. And, it’s possible to adjust the diameter of the headband.

We past the stick game. Stand in a circle, let go of stick, grab next stick to your right. Person that lets their stick fall is out. I guess they keep going until there is a winner.

At the spear throwing, there is a limited amount in various sizes. The first one I picked up looked taller than I was so I switched to a shorter one. The cast member at this section explained and showed us how to hold and throw the spear. Mines didn’t travel that far. T_T

Onstage they had sticks to make fire. There were only two so we had to wait a while. I did create some smoke though :D

Since we did just about everything, we went to our table and sat down. More people arrived. From the outside looking in the beginning it looked like a small luau, but they can pack a lot of people.

Our tabled was located to the left of the stage (if you’re facing the stage), in the standard package area. We were going to be the only ones at the table, but they let a newlywed couple join us. They asked and thought we were engaged/newlyweds too.

The show began with Chief Sielu after giving those that wanted a hula lesson. Followed by a prayer, pulling the pig from the imu–used next day from what I heard, and getting dinner: Really good btw. Not photographed because I didn’t want any: salad, vegetable stir fry, mahi mahi, and pineapple cake.

Once everyone got settled, the performance began and by the end of the night, we warmed up from the fire dancing and saw the stars when all the lights were turned off.

We enjoyed the show and Chief Sielu. He made us laugh the entire time. I’ve only been to Paradise Cove’s luau, the luau in Pacific Beach hotel and recently Germaine’s Luau, and so far I’ve enjoyed Chief’s Luau the most.

Aside from the cast members, the other workers were friendly and came around to gather trash so we didn’t have to get up and do it ourselves. I know, makes us sound lazy but it’s dark and you wouldn’t want everyone to be getting up and blocking views.

It does get windy and cold, so hold everything down and if you get cold easily like I do, bring a jacket!

Show ended at about 8:15 p.m.

Yelp Review Link | TripAdvisor Review Link



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