First Time + Dinner for Two, Hot Pot Heaven

WARNING: Your bag, clothes and you yourself will smell like hot pot after leaving. Be prepared.

We were in the Manoa area and wanted to avoid the traffic westbound, Jeremy looked for places to eat for dinner and found this one. He thought I’d like to try here since he knows how much I enjoy Ichiriki.

Drove to McCully Shopping Center, the parking lot wasn’t as packed as I thought it would be and we found a stall easy. Located ground level behind Taco Bell. By the time we got there, they were just opening the restaurant for dinner (5:00 p.m.). There was only one other party and we were seated quickly.

They have electric cooktops and gave us small booklets for choosing which broths we wanted. I was still indecisive by the time the waiter came back to take our orders and asked for his suggestion–mushroom. We also ordered beef, about eight slices per plate.

After, we headed to the fridges to pick the other ingredients we wanted to add in. We didn’t know my mushroom broth came with actual mushrooms in it; the waiter had to tell us and we ended up putting the enoki mushroom plate back in the fridge, ha ha. Similar to sushi places (Genki, Kuru Kuru) each plate is colored differently (red, yellow, green, purple) indicating the different prices.

What we got: choy sum, onion, tofu, cabbage–we ended up not opening/using it and our waiter came by to take it away for us. Might not sound like a lot, but their portions are huge and too much for us.They provided a plate of white rice and rice scooper.

Hawaiian (his) and Mushroom broth
Hawaiian and Mushroom broth

I thought his had a bitter taste to it and a broth that after a while you’d just get tired of having it. He brought up that it tasted like a Hawaiian dish, we couldn’t put our finger on it. Mine, very mushroomy, lol and he would have preferred mines to his. Broth was buy one, second half off.

The workers were pretty good coming around taking the trash away, refilling our waters, etc.

In reviews, we saw the mention of free mochi ice cream. I guess it depends on who’s helping you since we had to ask for ours. It could be just me, but they have certain flavors for the day? We were given blueberry and green tea mochi ice cream:

Blueberry and green tea mochi ice cream
Blueberry and green tea mochi ice cream

At the time when our waiter gave to us, we didn’t catch the second flavor so we took bites into both to see which one we liked more.

Boyfriends! If you know your girlfriend likes ice cream and you’re both sampling the ice cream, make sure to take small bites! Yeah, he ended up taking a big bite from the mochi ice cream I claimed. Girlfriends, if he does that, take his piece and take a BIGGER bite, regardless if you like the flavor or not. Lesson learned. I’m not a fan of green tea so I suffered for the moment ha ha.

We can only compare this place to Ichiriki, and after getting the bill, cheaper for two. We’ll probably be back, trying to figure out the best combinations to our taste.

Yelp Review Link | TripAdvisor Review Link



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