Beach Essentials

Summer’s just about over, not really in Hawaii, anyways what do you got to bring to the beach?

  • FOOD/DRINKS — usual stop: 7-Eleven (breakfast + lunch + snack) unless it’s been predetermined lunch will be elsewhere.
Alohasavani - Food
  • Drinks are usually brought from home (Coke + Kool-Aid)
  • I’ve got my hydroflask, so I’m good, but keep them in the shade, or else it’ll get hot and that’s not something you want to hold when you get thirsty.
Alohasavani - Hydroflask
  • Cooler with ice — especially if you have food or drinks that may spoil overtime in the sun/heat; depending how long you plan on being at the beach that is
  • SUNSCREEN — very important! especially if you burn easily
    • I prefer using the kid’s sunscreen lotion :p been doing that for years now
Alohasavani - Sunscreen
  • Blanket/towel/beach chairs
    1. “Save your spot”
    2. Put your stuff on
    3. Somewhere to chill/eat/etc
  • Sunglasses and/or hat — some protection from the sun
The patterns. ⚪🔵👒
The patterns. ⚪🔵👒
  • Slippers/flip flops — just saying, you want something open-toed
  • Floatie
Doughnut daze 🍩
Doughnut daze 🍩

After some fun in the sun, clean up after yourselves

  • TRASH BAG / put things back in your cooler/beach bag or in a nearby trash can

Something missing? Or something else you’d bring instead?


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