Smokey bagel and latte

Breakfast, Sure Shot Cafe

At first I was just looking for a place to have dinner and this place showed up… lol

Checked the photos, it all looked really good.

The morning we visited for breakfast, we almost missed the location. It’s the Village Market in Makiki, a small hole in the wall cafe. Parking – in the same lot as Village Market. I had told Jeremy that it was a breakfast place, but he thought breakfast plates, no no no. Sandwiches, soups, fruits, cereal, bagels, toast.

There’s a counter top filled with plates of pastries for your choosing, with glass plates (if you choose to dine in) or bags (if you’re on the go). Really think the pastries should be in a case, and not exposed so much. It was really dark inside, which made me wonder how some of the older guys could read their morning paper.

Decided on the smokey bagel and latte.

Smokey bagel and latte
Smokey bagel and latte

Waited at one of the open tables by their window.

Love their Sure Shot Cafe mug, the latte, not so much. The smokey bagel on the other hand was really good but something that could be made in any kitchen, right?

Come back? Maybe if I was in the area craving what they have, other than that, not any time soon.

Photos can be deceiving.

Yelp Review Link | TripAdvisor Review Link



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