Garlic shrimp, those cravings I swear

Lunch: Garlic Shrimp Plate at Blue Water Shrimp & Seafood

Passed by this place a few times during break and after work. One day, I had originally planned to grab food from the downstairs convenience store but they had closed up for lunch, so I detoured over.

They have photos of their plates all over the wall, along with a menu at the front post, as well as menus for you to grab.

I couldn’t decide between the ribeye or shrimp, but ended up ordering the shrimp (to go) instead. There’s a choice between six or nine pieces of shrimp, I chose six since I didn’t think I would eat all of them within my break.

Garlic shrimp, those cravings I swear
Garlic shrimp, those cravings I swear

Six (6) Piece Garlic Shrimp Plate:

They asked how I wanted my shrimp, I asked for mild, yet it was a bit spicy as I ate. Yeah, no can handle. Along with the pieces of shrimp, my plate came with furikake on white rice, corn on the cob, a slice of pineapple, a slice of lemon, and toss salad, instead of potato.

Like most places, you gotta peel the shrimp yourselves. Luckily, they provide a plastic fork and knife to help with it. Overall, the shrimp was pretty good, it wasn’t too garlicky like some other places I’ve tried. They even had the good tasting corn, if you really like corn, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Ha-ha.

With this place being in Waikiki and on Hilton property, the shrimp plate cost about $14.00, if you don’t get discount. Credit cards are accepted. They also have drinks and fruits for sale.

There have tables and chairs in and outside, very limited though and their outdoor tables have umbrellas.

I would definitely order the garlic plate from them again, but being on a budget and with that price tag, not that often!

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